Memorable Corporate Event Aboard a Vintage Airplane

12 July 2022

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Here at Events by Loukia, we believe that a corporate event can and should be fun. While these events are often stereotyped as boring, we don’t think that has to be true. In fact, in our experience, the right planner can take any event and turn it from a snoozefest into something truly special!

One of our first corporate clients was a real estate developer for whom we planned an afternoon of luxury aboard a Breitling Dakota DC3 airplane. We were so happy to be able to plan this experience for him and his guests, and now, we have five tips for creating a corporate event that prioritizes fun!

How to plan a corporate event that's actually fun

Corporate Event at a Private Airport in Geneva

The goal of our developer client’s event was to attract customers for his business. With that objective in mind, we set out to plan an afternoon that they wouldn’t soon forget! First, we considered the overall itinerary of the event and decided that an experience was needed for the ultimate “wow” factor. After all, prospective clients didn’t just want to be “talked at” about the developer’s latest project or served bland finger food (who would?). Instead, to get them truly excited about the project, we needed a unique approach. Cue the 1940s music!

We decided to invite everyone to a private airport in Geneva, where we displayed an exhibition of the project. Then, we invited them aboard a Dakota DC3 airplane from 1944. As we took off into the air, stewardesses wearing vintage Panam-style uniforms served champagne and colorful Swiss chocolates. The views took everyone’s breath away as we flew over Lake Geneva, the iconic Jet d’Eau, and along the shoreline up to the project’s location in Vevey. This gave everyone the opportunity to witness the structure from above! As we landed back in Geneva, a pool of Mercedes-Benzes and Porsches awaited to drive everyone to see the project in person. Watch the stunning film by Jack Hardy below!

5 Tips for a Fun Corporate Event

This is just one example of a corporate event we have planned. For us, the real fun lies in getting to know our client and their goals so that we can create the perfect event for them. Of course, there are some surefire ways to ensure everyone has a great time at your next corporate party. 

Create a Goal

Before you do anything else, determine the goal of your event. Is it group bonding? Or showcasing a brand-new service? If the focus of your next event is team-building, then plan plenty of group activities! These include workshops where everyone breaks up into small groups and activities like obstacle courses and athletic games where everyone participates at once. For example, you could organize your attendees into teams for a cooking class. Or, if the year has been stressful, you could plan a wellness hour of yoga and meditation.

Women participating in a wreath-making workshop

Decide on Formality

Perhaps your corporate event will be a high-end affair, like the one we planned in Geneva. Conversely, maybe a casual outdoor event with sports and games would be more fun for your employees. Determine what suits the personality of your company best, and go from there. If your event will look more like the latter, you can even host another company (or a different branch of your own company) to play a game together!

Send Out a Survey

If your team is on the smaller side, include them in your planning by sending out a survey that asks their opinion on different kinds of events. They will appreciate having a voice, and you will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves!

Provide Plenty of Food and Drink

Even if your event will only be a few hours, make sure there is plenty of food and drink available so that your employees can mingle. For example, you can take an event to the next level with food and wine pairings. This will create an instant conversation starter for all of the guests gathered around the table, so there’s no awkwardness.

How to plan a corporate event that's actually fun

Find a Unique Location

Much like the event we planned at a private airport, find a one-of-a-kind spot to host your event! Don’t just default to a hotel ballroom. There are so many options out there, including museums, art galleries, and luxury restaurants so that you can exceed your guests’ expectations.

 We approach every corporate event with the same level of passion and creativity as the weddings and family parties that we plan. We would love to hear your ideas for a day of fun that your employees will always remember! You can reach us here.


Videography: Jack Hardy

Catering: RSH

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