7 Steps to Planning an Engaging Corporate Event

23 April 2024

planning an engaging corporate event

It’s no secret that uninspired office parties are a dime a dozen. Using creativity is essential if you want to reward your staff with a genuinely engaging corporate event. As professional event planners, we’ve helped dozens of companies craft memorable launch parties, end-of-year bashes, and summer soirées. Stick around for our guide to transforming humdrum events into impactful, on-brand experiences!

Define Your Event Objective 

A clear objective is the cornerstone of a successful corporate event. For example, are you hosting this event to showcase a new product, celebrate a company milestone, or show your employees your appreciation? Understanding the purpose behind your gathering enables you to curate appropriate activities your attendees will love. 

Choose a Unique Venue

Step outside the box when selecting a venue for your corporate event! Instead of a hotel ballroom, consider renting out a restaurant, rooftop patio, or country château.

Brainstorm Innovative Themes and Concepts

Think about your business and its core values, then build activities around that! For example, if your business is about community, consider team-building activities to show how communities can work together. Or, if you’re an outdoor apparel company, consider a group hike followed by a gourmet picnic. 

You can also incorporate your branding into the event. Is your branding bold and colourful? If so, a popsicle bar with colourful décor is a fun (and delicious!) way to highlight your brand colours.

Host Dynamic Speakers and Workshops

A speaker sets the stage for a corporate event and introduces new ideas. For an even more interactive approach, have them host a workshop following their talk so attendees can apply what they’ve learned.

Guide to hosting an engaging corporate event

Incorporate Interactive Activities

An engaging corporate event should be as interactive as possible! Consider fostering friendly competition with a soccer, volleyball, or softball tournament. Alternatively, organize a trivia challenge and pair attendees into teams that allow them to connect with people they may not interact with day-to-day. Another fun challenge is team cooking! This activity encourages active listening and cooperation.

Offer an Experience

Think beyond conventional corporate events! Thoughtfully curated experiences will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Consider engaging activities, creative refreshments, and professional development opportunities. Focusing on creating an experience will foster deeper connections between team members and encourage higher engagement at your event and in the workplace.

Distribute Personalised Swag and Guest Favors

Thank your attendees for coming with a practical favour, such as a screen-printed tote, monogrammed pen, or custom water bottle. If your event has a theme, consider getting swag with that theme! For example, favours for a travel-themed event could look like customised luggage tags or packable travel blankets. 

With this roadmap, you can plan an engaging corporate event. Thinking outside the box is the most effective strategy, from the venue to the refreshments. Moreover, seeking expert guidance can ensure your event comes together seamlessly. We invite you to reach out as you plan for your next company conference or party. Our team would love to assist you with crafting an unforgettable experience!


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